Friday, March 4, 2011

Halloween Cravings

March 4th. Halloween is about seven months away now. The halfway point will be upon us before too much longer. I love to think of it like that because it makes it sound like it's not as far off as it really is. I'm always surprised at how quickly the months following Halloween seem to go by. Last year around the six-month mark, the Disney Channel was showing some Halloween shows, like 'Halloweentown I and II', and 'Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out?'. I remember being so excited to see Halloween on television in May! Even though I own the 'Halloweentown' movies, it was still fun to see Disney showing them that time of year. It was sure proof that Halloween was halfway here.

In order to bide my time waiting impatiently for Halloween to arrive, I started thinking of ways that I could somehow celebrate it during the rest of the year. I loved that Michael's and JoAnn's Fabrics kept holiday stickers and scrapbooking supplies on the shelves year-round, so several months ago I decided to put together a Halloween scrapbook. I had never done scrapbooking before, but I loved the idea of creating spooky scenes with all sorts of stickers, stationary, etc. It would satisfy my "Halloween homesickness", if you will. It was my way of "decorating", I suppose you could say, since I knew how bizarre it would be if I brought out Halloween decorations when it wasn't even close to October! (Although, it wouldn't be unlike me to put them up inside the house, and in particular, in my room. I love the idea of falling asleep to the eerie glow of a jack-o-lantern all year long.) I bought just about every sticker and background I could find and did my best to create the coolest looking Halloween scenes. I was even able to make one of my faves, 'The Great Pumpkin'. Linus sits in his pumpkin patch waiting anxiously, while Lucy, Charlie Brown and Sally go trick-or-treating. I decided at the last minute to add in a few photos of me from Halloweens past.

My scrapbook is already almost full, and I've already decided to start another one after this one is completed. I can't wait until October starts getting closer and the stores start adding new stuff. I had never thought much about scrapbooking before, but I'm finding that I actually quite enjoy it. I might even make one for Christmas!


The Frog Queen said...

Sounds like a great way to keep Halloween alive all year!


The Gill-Man said...

I SOOOO get where you are coming from! I have my little ways of keeping that Halloween feeling going, without taking away from Halloween itself. For example, in the summer, I try to watch horror fare like the Friday the 13th movies...for the simple reason that they are usually set in the summer, but still have a bit of that Halloween flavor to them.

I also try to work on projects, much like you are doing with the scrapbook. My next project is going to be converting an old dollhouse-shaped bookcase of my daughter's. She feels it's too juvenile for her now, so she wants to get rid of it. I plan on making the thing look like a decrepit haunted house, and displaying all of my horror-themed nick-knacks on it!

In the end, if I had my druthers, I'd live in an Addam's Family/Munster's style house! Naturally, I don't have that kind of money, and I'd probably end up divorced! I have to be content with having my one room in the house to dedicate to my spooky stuff during the year...and having the Halloween season to go all out!!

The Pumpkin Queen said...


I knew you all would understand! ;) That's what's so great about being on here. I love your idea of living in an Addam's Family house! I'd give anything to live in a house like that, too. I've always dreamed of owning an old Victorian house, and how I would decorate it for Halloween and Christmas.