Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pumpkin Dance

I love how surreal this one is.


Pumpkin Patch Cake

I want this recipe!!!

Autumn Beauty, con't.

Another one I had to include.

Autumn Beauty, con't.

I couldn't resist adding this one. How beautiful it is. Even the sky is just brilliant. I would love to wake up to a view like this greeting me every morning. I had to put it on my desktop. I just had to.

Autumn Beauty

I love the look of vast fields covered with golden pumpkins.

Stoneykins Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Another great site with tons of fantastic carving patterns. I love this one with the cat.


Scarecrow Skulls

Made out of papier mache...very cool.

Stolloween Papier Mache props

I never would have thought you could make such wonderful props with something like papier mache, but obviously, I was wrong. These are great!


Haunted Home contest

Okay, for all of you ultra talented home haunters out there, you might just want to check out this site and enter your haunt in this contest! It's called the 'Home is Where the Haunt Is' contest, and if you win, they will pay your mortgage for a year (up to $25,000). Check it out!

"Scary Sleep-over"

I found this link to a funny Halloween game called 'Scary Sleep Over'. You try to scare the person out of the house by morning using the spooky effects. I'm ashamed to admit I couldn't do it!!! *sob* It's a fun game to play if you're bored.

Pumpkin Festival

I love Fall festivals. One of my favorites was the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival. I don't live in that region anymore, but when I did, I always enjoyed going to this event. They have all sorts of entertainment, and the streets are blocked off from traffic, and lined with vendors selling all sorts of stuff from art, jewelry, food, clothing, etc. There is also a haunted house, and of course, a great pumpkin weigh off. The pumpkins are incredible!