Friday, June 18, 2010

It's official: Fall has come early at Michael's!!

I went into Michael's today, still expecting to find nothing but the usual (boring) things you always find during the summer: flowers, colorful banners, summer-style arts and crafts, party supplies, and of course, 4th of July decorations. As I walked in, however, a wonderful sight caught my eye: flowers and plants in beautiful Fall colors-red, orange, and gold! As I walked over to that part of the store, I also found pumpkins (pumpkins!), bows and other fall-themed decorations, and even black crows. I couldn't believe it! One of my fellow Halloween Haunters on this site had told me she had already seen the first few signs of fall at a Micheal's near her, but I didn't expect to find several aisles completely filled up before the end of June! I certainly didn't expect to find pumpkins (not the tall ones for carving that you find for Halloween), but pumpkins, nonetheless. Nor was I expecting to find those black, plastic crows that are commonly used in Halloween decorations. It seems incredibly odd that we have not even celebrated 4th of July, and yet Autumn is already arriving. Needless to say, I, for one, am excited. For an autumn/Halloween lover like myself, this helps break up the seemingly neverending, dull, hot days of summer that I grow so tired of once the temperature gets much over 85 degrees. It's always a relief to me to see Fall finally showing up, as it means that not only are the cooler, colorful days on their way, but so is Halloween.

I suppose in a way I almost love the days shortly before Halloween arrives even more than Halloween night itself. The reason is that I love that feeling of complete excitement as preparation begins. I love it when it's finally time to look for new fall and Halloween items to use for decorations, going on that search for the perfect, carvable pumpkin, and making plans for the big night. I love seeing homes decorated with skeletons and witches, tombstones, and ghouls popping up out of the ground, orange and purple lights, and porches glowing with jack-o-lanterns. It is such an exciting thing. Seeing the first fall decorations in the store today gave me the first tiny sense of anticipation. It is already within me. Fall is on its way. The proof is there. The best part is that if they are already putting Fall out on the shelf, then Halloween can't be far behind. How I love this time of year!