Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm slowly getting there...

...being ready for Halloween, that is. (Note the word 'slowly'). I simply haven't the time that I wish I had to really put all of my effort into it like I'd like. There is still hope, however! Just today, I went to lunch with my folks, and I needed to stop by Walmart to get another yard of my Halloween fabric for the bedspread I'm making. They had their first Halloween set-up, and I got a cool little hanging lantern with a jack-o-lantern face. (I can't wait to go to sleep with that spooky face glowing in the corner of my room!) I also got a Halloween blankie, some Halloween cookie cutters, and some of those little pumpkin candies. You know the ones I mean. They're basically just candy corn, but they're in the shape of pumpkins. Great little snacks, they are. I hope to make some cookies this weekend with the cookie cutters I got today. The set included a witch, a pumpkin, and a cat. I just have to get the icing and other decorations, and I'll be able to make some creepy little cookies!

Then, in the mail today, I was excited to see that I received my seasonal catalog from The Winfield Collection. If you haven't ever heard of them, they're a company that sells all sorts of woodcraft patterns and supplies. They have patterns for every holiday, and also other things, like cute little benches and stuff. They always come out with a catalog just for the holidays. I am not skilled with woodworking, but the stuff I see in this catalog makes me want to learn. Eventually, when I am finally done with school once and for all, I intend to devote a good deal of my time to learning things I really want to learn, like sewing, prop making, and woodworking. One year, my uncle made a really wonderful Christmas yard display with woodwork. It was Santa in his sleigh (which was life-size), and his reindeer. It was all white, and my uncle had put clear lights on the sleigh, and it was just stunning. I've always remembered that, and have always dreamed of doing that in my own yard. But I also want to do some Halloween woodwork, and The Winfield Collection has some great patterns to choose from. Some of them are even animated. I would recommend them to anyone who loves to decorate for the holidays.

And now, I am off to put my lantern together. It's going to be so cool to have it hanging in the corner of my room. I might just have to leave it up year-round. ;)