Friday, June 5, 2009

Autumn is coming early at Michael's

Ok, I just had to share this because I couldn't believe it! I walked into a Michael's yesterday, and to my complete surprise, I saw Fall-colored flowers and bouquets already stacked on the shelves. It was the last thing I was expecting to see considering that it is only early June, but nonetheless, they were there! I recalled that last year in July I was shocked to discover that not only were Fall flowers already out, but Halloween decorations were out as well. The same aisle that houses the Halloween stuff every year had at least half the decorations out, such as the 'Spooky Town' collection of musical haunted houses. Funny that I find Fall already showing up in one of my favorite stores when the weather is so Fall-like. In about a month from now, I will expect to probably find Halloween already showing up on my favorite aisle there. I wonder what cool, new things I will find there this year. I hope I find a bunch of new stuff to bring home and decorate with! I am *so* looking forward to it!