Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another one come and gone

So, Halloween '09 is over. Wow. It always seems strange to me how fast the month of October seems to go by. I wait all year for this one night, dreaming about the plans I will (hopefully) make, the decorations I will put up, and what costume I will choose. All that preparation for only one, short night and before I know it, it's over. Done with. My plans for this year's Halloween did not go through. Instead of having wonderful memories to reminisce about my favorite night, I have only disappointment. It's been a pretty tough time lately. A recent death in the family, and other personal things going on, really put a huge damper on my mood this year. It didn't even really feel like Halloween to me, which makes it even worse. If only we had gotten even a few TOTs that would have at least been something. I still enjoyed the orange lights and the purple spider web, and two pumpkins that I put along the deck. I wasn't about to do nothing. I didn't get to wear the super cute pirate costume that I bought, thinking I would wear it to a vampire ball. Oh, well. I know I have next year to look forward to. Who knows, maybe, by some miracle, I'll be able to celebrate All Hallow's Eve in my favorite city again--New Orleans! One can always hope, right?