Monday, August 18, 2008

Halloween in New Orleans

About five years ago, I had the privilege of spending my favorite holiday, Halloween, in my favorite city- New Orleans. I fell in love with this amazing place through the vampire novels of Anne Rice, and when I finally saw New Orleans in person for the first time, I felt as if I already knew it. I didn't feel like I was in a strange, new place; rather, I felt like I almost belonged there; like I had come home. I knew it would be my kind of place when I read about it in the books, and I was right. I left there not wanting to leave, and I couldn't wait to return. I would get my wish a few years later.

My second visit to the Crescent City was during my favorite time of the year- October! We planned it specifically so that I could be there during Halloween. It was my dream to be there during this time. I knew that Halloween in New Orleans was HUGE. The people at our hotel had told me the first time I was there that Halloween was like a mini-Mardi Gras. People come from literally all over the place to be there for this holiday, and you have to book your hotel reservations far in advance or you'll have trouble finding a place to stay. My brother and his wife went along this time, and the three of us got dressed up and spent Halloween night in the French Quarter. What a crazy sight to see! I have wanted to go back there for Halloween ever since. They have all sorts of great things to do. It is definitely one of the best places to be on All Hallow's Eve! Another fun thing to do is to take a haunted history ghost tour, or a vampire tour, through the French Quarter.

Endless Night Ball

The Vampire Lestat Fan Club ball

Haunted History Tours

New Orleans- America's most haunted city??