Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jack-o-lantern house

This is truly unbelievable. I wish I could go to West Virginia just to see this. If you visit the site below, there is a video of it, along with the lights all blinking in tune with music. Amazing!

Kenova Pumpkin House: http://www.neatorama.com/2007/10/27/the-kenova-pumpkin-house/

Man-eating spider

I thought this was one hell of a yard display! I must admit that I'm arachnophobic, but I can still appreciate a great yard haunt--and a most unusual one, at that-- when I see one. I love the lighting in this display, too. Fantastic.

Source: http://www.bazillionlights.com/History/Halloween2007.html

Devil's Minions

I came across this cool site with burning pumpkins. A very cool effect, indeed. I just noticed that the flame on the middle pumpkin looks like an evil face on the right side. It's like a profile view of a skull face, as if the pumpkin is spewing forth a demon from hell. Wow!!

Source: http://geekus.org/BurningPumpkins2006/

Halloween smiles

I want my front window to look like this. I love to see happy, glowing pumpkins. They just look like they're shouting, "Happy Halloween!" Magical.

Krewe of Boo Halloween Parade in New Orleans

One of many scenes from New Orleans' Halloween parade with the Vampire Lestat and Armand! I so wish I could be back in New Orleans again for Halloween...especially to see my favorite vampires!

I love New Orleans. The City that Never Sleeps and America's Most Haunted City are just a couple of its famous nicknames. One visit there, and you can clearly see why. It is a beautiful, dark, magical, mystical, almost surreal place for those of us who love cities cloaked in darkness and mystery. It is a haven for vampires, witches and ghosts, or anyone who has a flair for the dark and dramatic. It is one of the best places to be for Halloween. Take my word for it.

Krewe of Boo: http://www.kreweofboo.org/index.html

Extreme Pumpkins II

I just saw this in an email sent to me from Border's. "Take back Halloween and freak out a few more neighbors." I love it. LOL I might just have to get this.