Thursday, September 3, 2009

Martha's 'Halloween'

At the grocery store yesterday, I noticed Martha Stewart's annual 'Halloween' magazine and had to have it. Not only did it show her in an awesome ghostly equestrian costume, but it also included one of her gorgeous black Friesian horses, which I thought was just super cool! (I ride horses, and the Friesian is my favorite.) The magazine is full of wonderful recipes and craft projects, including how to make the costume she is shown wearing. I have never bought a Martha magazine before, but I must say, I was impressed with her Halloween one. It includes a link to a website where you can purchase all of the props and decorations online. I really liked several of the huge, inflatable decorations. I'd love to have the horse and carriage on my front lawn, lit up with black or red lights. I'll be trying some of the recipes this year, for sure. The magazine has a lot of stuff to give you some wicked Halloween fun! I would definitely recommend it.