Saturday, August 1, 2009

'Spirit' Halloween is on its way!

You know the Halloween season is really on its way when you see the first Halloween superstore sign. As I was driving to my dance class today, I noticed the huge 'Spirit Halloween' banner on one of the buildings that I drove by. It didn't look like the store was actually there just yet, but the fact that the banner was already up told me that the grand opening would be happening very soon! I failed to make it to a 'Spirit' store last year (*hides her face in shame*), but I have every intention of going this year. I always loved that store. They truly have some cool stuff. I put up my first decoration yesterday, but I have so much more to do! I can't wait. I decided that I want to make a cemetery scene. I think we have a nice location for one. I just need to get some headstones, lights, and a few other little goodies, and I think it will look pretty good. I really want to not only take pics of it, but I'd also love to even have some videotape. I've never downloaded a video onto the Internet, so not quite sure how that works. Hopefully, it isn't all too challenging, and I'll be able to do it without any real trouble. Maybe someone can offer me some good tips, and I can have my first video of a Halloween haunt!

Halloween is beginning to show its face, my fellow fiends. We don't have too long to wait now. I am looking forward to this night of nights as I always am.