Saturday, August 9, 2008

DC Cemetery- A must-see!!!

I was thrilled to find the web site for an awesome home haunt located in Mountain View, CA. I had the privilege of seeing this place in person a few years ago, and I have never forgotten it. 'DC Cemetery' is one of the best home haunts you will ever see. These people pour their hearts and souls into creating a truly fantastic Halloween display, and I can really appreciate that. I will never forget the hordes of people standing in front of the house and along the street trying to get a glimpse of it. I think my favorite part was the huge organ in the front of the house that had a skeleton playing a rather macabre sounding tune. Talk about setting the mood! Anyway, I might just have to try and see this place again, since they add new stuff each year. Below are some pics I found on their site. To really get an idea of just how awesome this haunt is, check out these videos:

Halloween links

I realize that Halloween is still a ways off yet, and that most people aren't even thinking about it, but for me, it's never too early to start thinking about what decorations I'm going to use this year, what costume I'm going to wear, what I'll be doing, etc. Anyhoo, I lived in the Bay Area for awhile, and while there, I discovered some really great Halloween home haunts and haunted attractions. I thought I would put up some links to some that I knew of. For starters, I always looked to the 'Haunted Bay' web site for ideas and information about things to do and see, spooky movies to watch, and so on. Even if you don't live in the Bay Area-- or in California for that matter-- it's still a good site to read about cool stuff, and maybe get an idea or two. I'll start with that one. And let it be known that there are only 83 days left until Halloween....*fang-toothed grin*

'Haunted Bay'

'Devious Concoctions'

'Pirates of Emerson'

I went to this one a few years ago, and it was pretty darn awesome. If you're into pirates, you should definitely get a kick out of it. The actors who play the pirates are so real looking, and they really get into their roles as evil, dead pirates. The costumes and make-up are extraordinary!

'DC Cemetery'

I think this was one of the yard haunts I visited a few years back, and it rocked! I wish I'd had a camera on me to take photos, but I didn't. Bummer.

Exotic Erotic Ball

We're hoping to attend this one this year. Never been, but it's supposed to be totally wild and crazy!

Le Bal Des Vampyres

I used to be very into the ballroom/Victorian costuming scene, and this was one of our favorite yearly, post-Halloween events. If you're a fan of the vampire genre like myself, then you should find it pretty cool. You see some amazing costumes. It is a ball, and there is Victorian ballroom dancing, complete with a live band. Very fun, indeed!

The Scream Extreme

I've never been to this one, but it sounds pretty cool.

More to come....!!! :)