Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween!!

Our holiday is here at last! Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two more weeks!!

I can't believe our favorite holiday is only two weeks away!! It's strange how we've been waiting so long for it to get here, and it seems like it takes forever. Then, suddenly, it's upon us, and we're scurrying around buying costumes and candy and decorations and planning parties, getting ready for the big night! There are so many wonderful costumes and decorations to choose from, too. I sometimes find that I have a tough time making the decision about what kind of ghoulish creature I want to be, or how I want to decorate the house and deck. My usual costume is something gothic, like a vampire, and I normally just put something together using anything black that's hanging in my closet. But when I went to The Costume Mansion a few weeks ago, I found a very cool pirate costume that was so cute I almost couldn't resist it. I thought it might be fun to be something totally different for once. I might even be a vampire pirate and wear my custom-made fangs! I am planning to go to a vampire ball on Halloween night, and that would be just perfect.

We got the first couple of pumpkins today. A part of me wants to carve one early because I can't wait to enjoy my first jack-o-lantern! I wish we had a porch where I could place a dozen beautiful, glowing pumpkins that everyone who passed by could see. I am loving all the Halloween shows on tv. Every night, I search the tv channels for anything Halloween-related. I love almost nothing more than laying in bed on a chilly October night watching shows like 'America's Haunts' or 'Halloweentown'!

We have only two more weeks left to prepare for, and look forward to, our favorite night of the year! I love the anxiousness and excitement I always feel right before All Hallow's Eve. Thank God for Halloween, I say. It is one of the few things that really makes me feel like a kid again, filled with spooky excitement for one short night of the year.