Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Fall teaser

I couldn't believe it when I got up at 6 a.m. this morning. I went outside to let the dogs out, and it was as if time had jumped ahead to the beginning of October or November. It was actually chilly. The air felt like it had a slight dampness to it, and I noticed the faint smell of rain. We have been turning on the whole house fan in these wee hours of the day, but this morning, instead of having the fan on in my room, I seriously considered putting on a sweater. It felt so much like a brisk autumn morning that I felt excited! It gave me an early taste of those wonderful fall mornings that I love so much, and that I look forward to during the dry, scorching days of summer. Before long, every morning will be like this. Fall is not so far away now. Signs of it are already showing up in stores and mail catalogs. We even received a Christmas catalog the other day! Michael's and Hallmark already have Halloween inventory on the shelves, and Christmas won't be far behind. I am already thinking about my Halloween costume. I want to start ordering some new decorations and start putting up the ones I already have. Not everyone is ready for summer to come to an end, but I am. I guess autumn is in my blood. I am one of the Autumn People.