Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fall-like weather

Is it really June?! We had major thunder and lightning last night as we were driving home, as well as some rain. It is still completely over cast and pretty chilly today. While many people are probably upset that the weather is like this in early summer, I am actually quite enjoying it. It feels, looks and smells like Fall. Unbelievable. The sky looked so awesome last night! I wish I had pictures. Most of the sky was dark and stormy looking, but there was an area of it I could see far off in the distance that was lit up. It was so strange. Every ten seconds or so, lightning would flash across the whole sky, and heavy raindrops would come pounding down on the windshield, followed by an occasional boom of thunder. It was truly a sight to see and hear. It would have made for a wicked Halloween night. I could see myself, on a night like this on All Hallow's Eve, perhaps sitting in front of a warm fireplace surrounded by friends, telling tales of horror to each other. The soft glow of jack-0-lanterns all around the room would cast spooky shadows on the walls, and creepy music would play in a corner of the room. We'd be enjoying all sorts of Halloween candies and treats, as is tradition on Halloween night. Our faces, hidden behind masks and make-up, would look ghoulish as we stare wide-eyed at each other in the glow of the firelight. My kind of Halloween, indeed!