Saturday, October 4, 2008

An October Saturday

Today was a nice way to spend an early October Saturday. It rained a little on and off all day, and the cool, damp weather is so crisp and refreshing. It feels great. I've had the back door, and several bedroom windows, open all day. I look out at the back deck and notice how many dead leaves already cover it. When I walked down to the barn to feed the horse and get the newspaper early this morning, it was so over cast and misty that it seemed like winter. I looked down the windy street towards the houses on the hills in the distance, and I thought of how soon the holidays would be here, and how those hills would be glowing with Christmas lights. It's such a beautiful sight. It always seems strange to me when the holidays finally come around again. It's hard to believe that a whole year has already gone by. Aside from all the chores and errands that I did today, I also made some Halloween cookies. I got some ghost, cat, and pumpkin cookie cutters a month or so ago, and I finally got around to using them. I got some orange frosting and black icing and made little jack-o-lantern cookies. It was a pretty nice day to enjoy the wonderful October weather, and relax and do some fun, Halloween-related activities. I think tonight I will start carving my other foam pumpkin. One of my favorite Halloween movies is coming on soon, and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than carving a pumpkin while watching a Halloween movie?? There is almost nothing better than that. :)