Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween plans

So, it looks like I am probably not going to be going out on Halloween this year. Normally, the thought of staying home on my favorite night of the year would seriously depress me, but luckily this year, I have a good reason for spending it at home. In fact, a part of me actually *wants* to be home so that I can watch one of my favorite shows, 'Ghost Hunters'. I'm not usually a big fan of reality shows, but seeing as how this one deals with the paranormal, I'm pretty hooked. On Halloween night, the TAPS team will be doing a ghost hunt live at the "Black Hole" in Fort Delaware-- a location that's reportedly very active in terms of paranormal activity. I missed last year's live investigation on Halloween, so I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. Viewers can communicate with the team all during the investigation, and alert them to anything out of the ordinary that the team might not notice. It should be very interesting. I've become quite a fan of this show. I really like that they go into an investigation while trying to be as objective as possible. Instead of trying to prove that a location is haunted, they first try to rule out all other possible reasons for the strange goings-on. This seems to separate the team from other ghost hunters, who go into investigations with the assumption that a place is haunted without having good evidence to support it. It should make for a fun way to spend Halloween.