Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is it October yet?

I was doing some gardening this afternoon and was raking up leaves, and there were so many of them everywhere that it made me think of Fall. You could barely see the ground because of all the leaves. As I sit here typing this, my ceramic ghost, with its little light-up jack-o-lantern, sits on the cabinet to my right, staring, wide-eyed at me. I *still* haven't finished him yet, and he looks at me as though he is reminding me of this. All I need to do to finish him is put the glaze on him and his pumpkin, put them in the kiln one more time, and they are ready to light up the night next Halloween. I have another Halloween ceramic that also needs to be cleaned, painted and put in the kiln. I hope to be able to put a light in it as well. I am already looking forward to next October when I can bring out all of my Halloween decorations again and fill the house with them. That is such a happy time for me. Funny how that part of me who got so excited as a little kid when Halloween was approaching has never died. I firmly believe now that it never will, either. I'm glad for this. I love knowing that there will always be at least one time of the year when I become like that little kid again, and feel the excitement that always comes with looking forward to Halloween. I already can't wait to see what new things the stores will bring in this year! I will try to wait patiently until July or August comes around, and many of the stores begin putting out their first Halloween stuff. I'm always thrilled that they start getting it in that early. I hope the time passes quickly.