Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halloween festivities

It's almost never too early for me to start searching for local Halloween events. Last night, I decided to do such a search, and I was quite surprised at what I found. I came across at least several haunted houses I hadn't heard of before. I plan to check them out this year. Here is a short list of what I stumbled across:

Callson Manor

Run by a professional animatronics prop designer, I was very impressed (at least) with the website. They claim they are not your average haunted attraction with teenagers running around in ski masks. I love that there is quite an in-depth backstory behind the haunt. The creators really went to extremes to make a great site, and came up with an intriguing legend. There is even a great video to go along with it to really peak your interest.

Fright Planet

This one looks a little like a more typical haunt you might find, such as Gyro's World of Terror, but it still looks like lots of fun.

I'm excited to be finding some events for this year when it isn't even September.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

'Spirit Halloween' superstore

Halloween is truly on its way: I spotted the first 'Spirit' store yesterday just down from Michael's! I figured I would see a 'Spirit' banner some time soon, but I was surprised to see it coming this early. I figure it will probably be opening in the next week or so. You can bet I'll be one of the first ones there!

I bought my first Halloween goodies of the year at Michael's. I couldn't walk out of there empty-handed! They are almost completely stocked up with Halloween stuff (and I even saw one aisle that had a few Christmas things!). As usual, I was tempted to buy one of practically everything, but seeing as I have a budget, I just bought a few little knick-knacks to begin with. I got a couple more black, iron spider candleholders to add to the three I got last year, as well as a pack of black LED tea lights, a small bat to hang from my rearview mirror (yes, I even like a touch of Halloween in my car!), and a bottle of Pumpkin Spice oil. I burned it when I got home, and couldn't believe how delicious it made the kitchen smell! If anything will put me in the mood for Fall/Halloween, it's the wonderful scent of spicy pumpkin pie. I saw a candle called 'Halloween', and also the usual autumn-scented candles and potpourri. I want to fill every room in the house with that scent. It's heartwarming.