Thursday, June 3, 2010

Halloween art

I was looking through one of my October '09 magazines ('Country Living': 101 Halloween Ideas) when I came across something that I thought was very cool. A picture of an art print titled 'Girls Night Out' had bright orange pumpkins in the foreground, a full moon hovering over a presumably haunted house, and several witches gathered around a fire, immediately caught my eye. It was an ad for the artist Will Moses, whom I had never heard of before. I rarely see art prints that are Halloween in nature, so I got on my laptop and quickly checked out the artist's website. The above print, I was happy to find, is available in poster size, and there are several other Halloween prints available as card collections. I love the thought of poster-size images of Halloween decorating my walls all year-round, and 'Girls Night Out' is a must-have. It makes me long to live in a big old house with a pumpkin patch and gnarled, old Oak trees surrounding the backyard. Every Halloween night, I would dress in my favorite costume and invite family and friends over and light a big bonfire in the middle of the pumpkin field, and party and celebrate all night long! Halloween scenes like these are exactly the kind of Halloweens I envision mine to be.

Will Moses' Halloween