Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Halloween goodies, and some great news!

I went to Michael's again yesterday. I actually went there for something that was not Halloween related, but of course, being that there was tons of Halloween stuff--old and new--I couldn't just walk out of there without purchasing *something*. I finally got another large pumpkin to carve. They were 40% off, so how could I resist?! I also bought one of those big strobe lights to put inside the pumpkin, which I thought might look kind of cool. I've never used a strobe light, but I've always seen them in the stores and wondered how they looked. I'm finally gonna' find out! Oh, I also got a life-size, foam skull that I thought would look good on the deck railing, along with the lights and other decorations that I plan to put up this year. I couldn't believe the sales that Michael's was having! If only I had more to spend, I could have come home with so much great stuff. Oh, well. All in good time. I really want to go back to TJ Maxx, too. They had some really cute stuff. I was impressed.

Probably the highlight of my day, aside from buying some more Halloween stuff, was that I saw one of the huge Halloween stores, 'Halloween World', already open for business. I did not get a chance to go in, unfortunately, because I was with my mother, and we had errands to run. I will be back down there again tomorrow, though, and will definitely be dropping by to check it out. I also noticed a sign on one of the buildings near the mall that said something about a haunted house, and that they were casting people for it. I don't live near the mall, or I would probably go and see about getting involved.

Halloween is *next* month, people. I can't even believe it's so close.