Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Halloween preparations

I am already starting to get a little bit anxious about being ready in time for Halloween. Even though it's next month, I guess I wasn't expecting to be so busy with school that I wouldn't have more time to devote to my decorating. My faux pumpkin still sits on my floor next to my bed, waiting to be transformed into some ghastly creation . Poor guy. He must feel so neglected. I also haven't finished my ceramic ghost holding his little jack-0-lantern. He's been sitting in our dining room forever, and is just too cute to not be included in the Halloween festivities this year. I still want to go back to Michael's and get at least one more pumpkin, as well as a few more things if I can afford them. Being on a budget seriously sucks around the holiday season. There is always way more stuff that I want to buy or create, but either don't have the time or the money for. *sigh* I really want to begin planning a costume. I'd like something different than last year, but am not sure what. I think it's about time to pay the Costume Mansion a visit. Perhaps I can do just that after I get the dreaded algebra test over with this Friday. I must also share that I saw the first house with Halloween decorations the other day! It was while I was doing my run through the neighborhood. As I passed the big, white house with the huge, black gates, I noticed a wooden pumpkin on a stick lining the driveway on the hill, and a banner that said 'Happy Halloween'. It actually made me smile to see someone else who is obviously looking forward to Halloween. But then, they were always into it. I remember those people from when we were kids, and we would trek up their steep driveway to go trick-or-treating. The wife would answer the door with a big bowl of candy, or with a plate full of homemade cookies, and she would seem so happy to see us. Back then, we had quite a few houses around here that were wonderful when it came to Halloween. That doesn't seem to be the case as much anymore. It's nice to know there is still at least one family that still enjoys it.

On another note, one nice thing is that it is slowly beginning to feel like Fall is on its way. The days are indeed getting shorter, and the mornings tend to have a chill in the air. I just love that. I love how after a long, hot summer those first days begin to appear, where you have to put on a sweater when you first get up in the morning. As I sit here writing this, I already feel like Fall is here. I keep waiting for the leaves to start turning red and gold, and for the streets--and our driveway--to be covered with them. The wait is almost over. Not much longer now. :)