Monday, August 11, 2008

Pumpkin cravings

Most people only get in the mood for the taste of pumpkin around Thanksgiving time, but not me. Nope. I've already bought two pumpkin pies in the last month. Surprisingly, pumpkin pie can be hard to find when it isn't around the holiday season. The only place I was able to find one was at Safeway. However, my mom and I stopped by a little coffee place just a little while ago, and they had pieces of pumpkin cobbler. I had to try one, of course, and it was wonderful. Even my mom, who isn't the pumpkin lover that I am, said it was very, very good. I always love it when I find pumpkin goodies when it isn't even technically pumpkin season. We have a mix for a pumpkin bundt cake, and I decided to make it tonight. Probably our most favorite pumpkin treat, though, is a delicious pumpkin cheesecake that we get every year for our Christmas party. I have never been a huge cheesecake person (with the exception of chocolate!), and I think I can honestly say that I love the cheesecake even better than regular pumpkin pie! I also love to sometimes make a pumpkin pudding dessert using vanilla pudding mix, topped with whipped cream. It's a quick and easy dessert to make, and isn't all that bad for you. Oh, and lest I forget the wonderful pumpkin soup! I first tried this while having Thanksgiving dinner one year with my ex and his family, and I have to admit that when he first mentioned pumpkin as a soup, I thought that was one of the strangest things I had ever heard. Well, one sip of that stuff and I was hooked! I brought the recipe home with me, because my folks had never tried it, and I made it for Christmas that year. They loved it, and it's been a tradition ever since. There are many variations of pumpkin soup, but I think I love the basic kind. Although, a girl at my old job made it with coconut flavoring one time, and that may have even bested the recipe I normally use. I'm also a coconut lover, and the combination of the two was actually incredible! So, for a list of pumpkin soup recipes, look no further:

.....and remember, you can never have too much pumpkin. Enjoy! :)