Thursday, August 19, 2010

'Spirit Halloween' superstore

Halloween is truly on its way: I spotted the first 'Spirit' store yesterday just down from Michael's! I figured I would see a 'Spirit' banner some time soon, but I was surprised to see it coming this early. I figure it will probably be opening in the next week or so. You can bet I'll be one of the first ones there!

I bought my first Halloween goodies of the year at Michael's. I couldn't walk out of there empty-handed! They are almost completely stocked up with Halloween stuff (and I even saw one aisle that had a few Christmas things!). As usual, I was tempted to buy one of practically everything, but seeing as I have a budget, I just bought a few little knick-knacks to begin with. I got a couple more black, iron spider candleholders to add to the three I got last year, as well as a pack of black LED tea lights, a small bat to hang from my rearview mirror (yes, I even like a touch of Halloween in my car!), and a bottle of Pumpkin Spice oil. I burned it when I got home, and couldn't believe how delicious it made the kitchen smell! If anything will put me in the mood for Fall/Halloween, it's the wonderful scent of spicy pumpkin pie. I saw a candle called 'Halloween', and also the usual autumn-scented candles and potpourri. I want to fill every room in the house with that scent. It's heartwarming.