Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The signs of Halloween!

I know of at least two locations where the 'Spirit' Halloween store is coming in. One is right next to my gym, so I will be over that way a lot! I drove by it today, and there were people inside starting to set up. Oh, joy! I love to see that huge, orange and black Halloween banner hanging on the building for all to see, announcing Halloween's arrival! It shouldn't be too long now until they start bringing in the goods. Walmart, and other stores like it, probably won't be far behind. I already found Fall/Halloween, (and even Christmas!) fabrics in Walmart when I was there a few weeks ago. Another place I've been keeping my eye on is TJ Max. They had some great stuff last year, and when I went back a few days ago, sure enough, they had started putting out Halloween! I bought a few things I just couldn't resist buying. One was a large October calendar made entirely of fabric. It has a haunted house design on it with little pockets that are the windows on the house, and mark each day of the month. Attached to the top by a string is a little candy corn-shaped piece of wood that you slide inside the pockets as you count down the days until Halloween. It is just too cute. I also purchased a new pumpking carving pattern book at Micheal's last week. It's one of those "Shadow" ones. I thought I'd give it a try. I plan to go back and buy a few of the fake pumpkins to do some of the carvings. I carved one last year and was very happy with how it turned out.