Saturday, September 20, 2008

Halloween merrymaking

I went back to Michael's today and got some more stuff to decorate the inside of the house with. Below are some of the neat little things I brought home with me:

Fall-colored garlands to drape around the dining room table;
Halloween candle holders, and some LED tea lights to use with them;
A Halloween bubble light with a ghost and a black cat;
'Dreadful Manor', from the 'Spooky Town' collection;
A metal sign that reads, "Welcome Witches and Ghouls", which I hung outside next to the front door;
An Evil Scarecrow figurine by 'Spooky Town' that has a jack-o-lantern head that lights up. I put him in my 'Great Pumpkin' pumpkin patch.

I also put up a strand of ghost lights across the top of our entertainment center, right above two ceramic pumpkins that light up. I felt it wouldn't be right to be decorating for Halloween without Jack Skellington being a part of it, so I put on my Special Edition 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' dvd while I was decorating. To top it off, I was beginning to smell the delicious chocolate Goblin Bars that were almost finished baking in the oven. I found the recipe for them on the back of an M&M's bag. They sounded too yummy to resist trying, so I thought tonight would be a great time to make them while I was busy doing my Halloween merrymaking, as I call it. I am still looking for some new pumpkin carving patterns to use on the foam pumpkins that I bought recently. The ones I saw at Michael's and Target just didn't impress me much. I think I might get some online from Zombie Pumpkins, since he has so many amazing creations to choose from. I still have more to do before I feel ready for the Big Night, but I'm feeling excited about how things look so far. I love all the creepy decor and glowing faces all over the house.

And now for those Goblin Bars....