Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ahhh, pumpkins

I figured that at any day now, pumpkins would start arriving at the nearby grocery stores. Sure enough, I was near a Safeway tonight and spotted the first big batch! Those most famous of all Halloween icons were sitting there by the entranceway in all their bright orange glory, as if waiting patiently to be taken home to be prepared for the big Halloween night. I did not purchase one. Not yet. As tempted as I was, I figured I would wait just a little bit longer, perhaps until October to celebrate its arrival. I cannot wait to bring some home and witness their ghastly transformations from ordinary squash, to creepy monstrosities. I am looking forward to frightening faces glowing in the dark, creating a feeling of menacing delight, as they light the deck and walkway. And that smell of burning pumpkin flesh! One of the most wonderful smells on earth. It is the very essence of Halloween for me. I have already carved a faux pumpkin, and as cool as it is to have some that never rot, it cannot compare to the real thing. Sort of like how convenient it is to simply put up a fake Christmas tree with the lights already strung up and ready to go. Without that Christmas tree smell filling up the house, it just isn't the same. I like to have a few faux pumpkins and real ones so that I don't feel I'm missing out on anything.

I don't have long to wait now. My craving for all things Halloween will soon be satisfied.