Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall days

Aside from the wonderful, cool weather, and Halloween, there are other things that always make me look forward to the fall season. One thing that my family and I have always made a point of doing towards the end of September is taking a nice drive up to Apple Hill. This is a beautiful area, about an hour from Lake Tahoe, filled with vineyards, orchards, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree lots. Each year, starting around the end of September, all of the largest, most popular ranches open up to the public and begin getting ready for the holidays. My favorite ranch is called High Hill Ranch. Aside from their delicious homemade pies and apple cider, there are tons of arts and crafts, food vendors, jewelry, and wine sellers. I love to go to Apple Hill the first time right before Halloween to look at all of the Halloween stuff, and then again right before Christmas. As usual, I am looking forward to visiting High Hill Ranch when it opens up next month.