Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A lovely Fall morning

Today truly feels like Fall has arrived. It is around 70 degrees outside, and I was so chilly when I woke up this morning that I put on a long-sleeve shirt and closed the window behind me a little. It looks as if a storm might hit any minute, but no rain is supposedly in the forecast. It seems that autumn is simply announcing, "I am here now. This is MY season." I welcome it with open arms as I do every year. I am more than happy to bring out my sweaters and jackets. I want to go and buy pumpkins and begin carving away, even though I know they won't last until the magical night of Halloween. Maybe I'll just buy one and carve it just so I can enjoy that wonderful smell of burning pumpkin flesh! I'll place it in my room, on the bedstand, so that the flickering shadows will bounce on my walls at night. That feeling of magic that always comes with the arrival of Halloween is already in the air.