Saturday, May 2, 2009

Halloween melancholy

It isn't fair. The weather is gloomy and damp and over cast, and it feels so much like Fall right now it's unreal. I feel like I should get out all of my Halloween decorations (oh, wait...some of those still aren't put away from last Halloween!). They said we made the record for the most rainfall on the first of May, and it still hasn't stopped. It's been chilly in the house, and we are using our heaters again after putting them away to make way for house fans. Summer has been temporarily pushed aside by a deceitful entity posing as Autumn, but I know better. It isn't so much that I mind it feeling/looking like Fall is here early this year. I rather like it, except for the nonstop rain. It just makes me wish that I would see ghosts and spiderwebs hanging in store windows, and porches with scarecrows and grinning pumpkins, and everything else that symbolizes the harvest season and All Hallow's Eve. It's funny how there are days like this that make me feel closer to it--as if I can feel it closeby when it really isn't. I swear, if I had a pumpkin here right now I would carve it. There are times when I long to smell the burning lid when it's licked by the candle's flame, and the sweet scent of the gooey innards when I disembowl the pumpkin. Yup. It's my favorite time of year, alright, and right now it feels like it's only weeks away. Nature, the trickster that she is...making me feel like this when I have such a long time to wait until it is really here. Evil temptress.


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Hello name is Wendy, and I just link jumped my way to your blog. And right away I knew we were kindred spirits. I too am a Hallowe'en lover. Hence my name Wendy the (Very) Good Witch. I am not a practicing Wiccan either, but I sure do love Witches. And I loved reading this post about how the gloomy weather almost seemed like Fall. If I didn't know any better, I'd guess you were from Florida, because that is exactly what our weather has been for the last few weeks. But maybe it was rainy lots of places. I could easily have written your posts. I think and write the same way about my favorite holiday. And the good's only 5 short months away...hooray!

Additionally, I see that you are a belly dancer, and that is the one thing that I have been dying to do. I attempted to take my first class last year, but the man behind the counter was so mean and rude to me that I got my feelings hurt and left, never to return. But I may give it another go here soon...maybe he's gone now. The instructors are supposed to be very nice. You can of course check out my Halloween blog, and I also have another blog for my photography...I am a professional photographer. It is a mix of me personally and my art. That one is called The Artful Gypsy, and you may like it too. The address is

Well I'm glad I found you, and I intend to go back and read all your posts. I'm going to start following your blog today! So nice to meet you! :o)

The Pumpkin Queen said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for the nice comments! It's great to meet others who share my interests! Where are you located?

The Gill-Man said...

Discovered your blog from my wonderful soul-sister Wendy's page! I too am a Halloween nut, who pines for that time year-round! I live in Texas, so it is HOT already. Now, I find ways to enjoy the summer (I drag out the "summer" horror films, like Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp and what-not), but my heart is always in October. I look forward to late August, when all the spooky paraphenalia creeps into the stores!