Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some new additions...

I was at Ross today, and they had their Halloween stuff on sale. I was able to get a few cool little things to add to my collection. I got a tall pillar candle from Hauntville Witches' Brew. It has black and orange stripes, and the scent is called 'Pumpkin Fright'. It's a really wicked looking candle. I gotta' go back and get one in the smaller size, too. Even the tag looks creepy, and it has a little black spider hanging from it. I even love the smell.

They also had a really cool candle holder that I had to have. It's two skeleton hands holding a glass tea light candle holder. I'd like to go back and get one or two more of them. I also picked out a jack-o-lantern soap dispenser for the bathroom. Yes, I even put decorations in the bathroom! ;)
I already have an orange bubble light with a witch and a black cat in there, and also a candle holder with a haunted house design. It looks so cool when it's lit! I'm not going to want to take this stuff down after Halloween is over. I usually keep up at least a few little things just 'cuz I'm such a nut for spooky stuff. I'd like to keep some of these candles around, and maybe even the skeleton candle holder. Now seems to be a good time to buy Halloween stuff, since so many places already have their stuff on sale. Christmas is beginning to take over, and while I love Christmas, I'm not ready to see all the Halloween stuff disappear yet. It is always kind of a sad day when that happens.

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AllHallowSteve said...

What I hate is that the Christmas stuff doesn't even give Halloween ANY time of its own.

It just muscles its way into the Halloween stuff week after week like Germany taking Poland.