Monday, June 6, 2011

Less than six months away...

...from Halloween, that is! :) I was pleasantly surprised when I was channel surfing earlier and saw that 'Halloweentown' is on two different channels tonight- the Disney and Family channels! A Halloween movie playing in June was certainly the last thing I was expecting to find. Even though I own all but one of the 'Halloweentown' movies, it was still kind of exciting to see it listed on tv tonight. I realized that we are now less than six months away from our favorite night of the year, so maybe that's why they decided to show the movie. We are actually only about four months from October now. Wow. The year seems to be passing by pretty quickly. Our weather here in northern California has been very fall-like lately, so by the time the Harvest month really gets here, it will probably seem like we didn't get much of a summer at all. I don't mind, really. It won't be the end of my world if summer feels a little shorter this year. I also know that in about another month and a half to two months from now, Fall and Halloween will begin showing up again in stores all over. We really don't have too much longer.

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Fatally Yours said...

Yay for Halloween!! :)

I won't mind if the summer goes by quickly, too!