Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallows Day

So, today is November 1st...Hallowmas. Halloween has already come and gone. It is very dark and damp outside, and seems to fit the day after Halloween known as All Hallows. Halloween was a quiet one for me this year. I stayed home and carved a headless horseman jack-o-lantern, and set it outside in the rain along with a couple of other jacks. I turned off all the lights so their glow would be the only thing that could be seen in the rain and darkness. As usual, we didn't get a single TOT. I am always somewhat bummed that we no longer get them anymore. I stayed up late watching the 'Ghost Hunters' 7-hour live investigation in Fort Delaware. I always enjoy watching their show. It wasn't the most exciting Halloween, but I have next year to look forward to.

364 days to go...*smirk*


Grim said...

Today I start planning for Halloween 2009. I have so many ideas floating around already. It would be nice if I could build one project per month, but I know it will be April or May in now time and I will not have built a thing. (I'm going to try though!)

The Pumpkin Queen said...

That's the best thing to do is plan far, far in advance. How was your Halloween? Get lots of TOTs? I have to look at your blog and see if you posted pics. I hope so!!